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Vaisberg, Matvey - ukrainian artist ( painting, graphics, relief works ).
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About the Artist. Artist Matvey Vaisberg About the Artist.
Matvey Vaisberg Kyiv rearguard is a trend in painting to which Vaisberg adjoins and in arising of which he took an active part. Rearguard - the consistently figurative, narrative and dramatic art, anthropological and personalistic in its tendencies, existential and tragic in world-perception, that defines humanitarian values. It has taken its shape as a deliberate cultural reaction of artists of intellectual and traditional orientation on the invasion of postmodern imitation practices of various kind into the sphere of painting that increased since 1980-s.
2003 Paintings of "Atelier Karas" Gallery (kyiv, Ukraine)
2000 "Seven days". "RA" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
"Creation of the World". "Atelier Karas" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1999 "Painting, drawing". "36" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1998 "Myths and Symbols". "Atelier Karas" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1997 "Time to Embrace". "Atelier Karas" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
"Wine of Comet". National Museum of Fine Arts (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1995 "Time of Peace". Museum of Russian Art (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1993 "Nisayon". House of Artists (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1990 Personal Exhibition. Museum of Podol History (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2003 "Desert. Roads" "RA" Gallery (kyiv, Ukraine)
2002 "Works of Art". Israel Culture Center, Museum of Literature (Kiev, Ukraine)
Exhibition-seminar "Roads, Palaces, Cities". Kiev - S.Petersburg - Jerusalem
M. Vaisberg, A. Ajinjal "Drafts of Time". Gallery "RA" (Kiev, Ukraine)
2001 "Dialogue with citation". "Atelier Karas" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2000 "Art from Ukraine". "Doctorhaus" Gallery (Oberdessbach, Switzerland)
"Neighbours". "Ra" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1999 "Exhibition of Five". "M" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
"Communication Turnes Art", VII specialized exhibition "Information and Communications'99. Kyiv Sport Palace (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Art exhibition "XX Artists of Ukraine (End of the Century)". "Atelier Karas" gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1998 Exhibition of painting. "Lavra" Municipal gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1997 Founders of the "Gattamelata" Fund. "Atelier Karas" Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Exhibition of Contemporary Ukrainian Art. Hans Zaydel Foundation (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1994 "Graphic World". Museum of Russian Art (Kyiv, Ukraine)
"Neu Kreis", "Klaus Weidlich Kunstvermittlung". EMPE (Munich, Germany)
1993 From the collection of "AntiAIDS" Fund. "Ukrainian House" Centre (Kyiv, Ukraine)
"Anabasis". Museum of Russian Art (Kyiv, Ukraine)
International Charity Art-Auction. Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts (Kyiv, Ukraine)
"Rosh-Gashana: From Ihor Dychenko collection". Museum of Kyiv History (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1992 From the collection of "Oecumena". Art-Club "Oecumena" (Kyiv, Ukraine)
From the collection of Yu. Livshits. Museum of Kyiv History (Kyiv, Ukraine)
"Vita Nova: From I.Dychenko collection", Museum of Book and Printing (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1991 Exhibition of Four. "M" Gallery (Budapest, Hungary)
"Arriergard's Time". Art-Club "Oecumena" (Kyiv, Ukraine)
M.Vaisberg and O.Zakharov. "Desa" gallery (Poznan, Poland)
Days of Kyiv Culture in Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)
Exhibition in memory of Babyn Yar's victims. House of Artist (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1990 "Urbi et Orbi". Museum of Judaics (Prague, Chekhia)
"Deuteronomy". Marsvinsholm Gallery (Treleborg, Sweden)
Exhibition of Judaic Painting of the XX century. Mikhoels' Center (Moscow, Russia)
Exhibition of Contemporary Ukrainian Art. "Roxolan" Gallery (Chicago, USA)
Exhibition in memory of Babyn Yar's victims, House of Artist (Kyiv, Ukraine)
"The Reverse Perspective. The Second Version", from the I.Dychenko collection. "Mars" Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
1989 "The Reverse Perspective. The First Version", from I.Dychenko collection. "Mars" Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
"Avant-garde: Always and Again", from I.Dychenko collection. Manege (Moscow, Russia)